OnCourse Technologies, Inc.  Exploring alternatives to a preemptive offer by leveraging our global resources to approach prospective strategic buyers in 12 countries while assisting in negotiating and structuring details with this preemptive buyer …

“Mertz Associates was resourceful in approaching alternative buyers and in assisting in negotiations and structuring the preemptive offer.”

– Chuck Beyer, President, OnCourse Technologies, Inc.

“Mertz was instrumental in developing a fair market value perspective. Mertz diligently contacted the most probable quality buyers while maintaining complete confidentiality in regards to the direct competitors in our market.”

– Bernard A. Woods III, Chairmand and CEO, OnCourse Technologies, Inc.

“Mertz’s role as an intermediary provided a channel of communication during negotiations and served to keep the deal moving.”

– Mike Coleman, Consultant, Geometric Software Solutions Co. Ltd.

OnCourse Technologies, Inc. sought to divest non-core units and redeploy the resources in core operations.

OnCourse develops and markets Manufacturing Process Management software that fully integrates manufacturing planning, costing and estimating providing increased production throughput and improved profitability.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Mertz led the preemptive negotiations with one buyer while determining the marketability and value potentials from other buyers.

Mertz selectively identified and contacted prospective strategic buyers in 12 countries while maintaining confidentiality. The negotiations included developing structuring alternatives to enhance the value to OnCourse.

The entire process was done on an accelerated time schedule.

Mertz’s value add
In addition to advising on value, structure and negotiations, Mertz accessed it's global network to explore all options. OnCourse used the results in finalizing its decisions.