GLCGreat Lakes Calcium

Making a deal happen that should with a real win/win …

“Mertz was worth every penny. I could not be happier.”

– Wesley H. Garner, President, Great Lakes Calcium Corporation

“Once we talked to Mertz, we knew we needed a pro on our side. Fortunately, our chairman has significant transaction experience. Working with pros on each side made this a fun and successful transaction. Overall, I am pleased Mertz was part of the selling team.”

– Ronald W. Kruse, President, National Lime & Stone Company

Great Lakes Calcium wanted to reposition its Ohio operations, as some large contracts were distracting from its core focus. The owner of Great Lakes Calcium approached National Lime & Stone, a direct competitor with compatible operations, to acquire the large contracts.

National Lime & Stone expressed interest in acquiring all of Great Lakes Calcium’s Ohio operations.

While the owner of Great Lakes Calcium was young and enthused about building his Ohio operations, he also recognized significant synergies if the Ohio operations were combined with National Lime & Stone. He wanted to pursue the opportunity, but was concerned because he did not have transaction experience. He recognized how he conducted himself during the negotiations would directly impact a) the value he received and/or b) if the deal happened at all.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Mertz was retained to provide expert un-emotional advice, keep the deal on track and maximize value.

Mertz started by advising the owner of Great Lakes Calcium behind the scenes. Once appropriate groundwork had been laid, Mertz was introduced to the process. Mertz developed and was integral in executing deal strategy. Mertz complemented the owner’s skills to complete a successful transaction.

Mertz’s value add
Mertz enhanced value for Great Lakes Calcium by objectively evaluating synergies and constructively sorting through the delicate issue of possible plant closing. What could have been an emotional and difficult event for Great Lakes Calcium became a straightforward business transaction that was a win/win.

Mertz not only kept what could have been difficult negotiations on track, but also created great value for the owner of Great Lakes Calcium.