IDCInstrument Development Corporation

Identifying and closing with the right private equity group is critical for optimizing value and future opportunity …

“Mertz did an absolutely outstanding job. I had explored options with others and can confidently say Mertz is best in its class.”

– Kevin Sinnett, President, Instrument Development Corporation

“Mertz knows how to make the right things happen. They are a delight to work with. I recommend them to my clients.”

– John A. Dickens, Godfrey & Kahn SC

“Mertz presented the opportunity in a way that inspired us to want to learn more. Mertz told us we were the perfect fit, and they were right.”

– Larry S. Wechter, Managing Director, Monument Advisors Inc.

Instrument Development Corporation manufactures ultra-precision machined components, primarily for the defense/military industry. The owners, extremely experienced aerospace machinists, wanted to take the company to the next level but did not want to carry the load themselves. Virtually all of their financial eggs were in one basket, and this was troublesome. They wanted to do what they loved most, which was designing, making and selling product; day-to-day responsibilities were becoming a burden.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Mertz introduced the concept of an equity recapitalization. The owners could relieve themselves of day-to-day responsibilities and focus on overall strategy and growth. They could also reduce economic risk while retaining significant upside potential.

With over 1,000 private equity group options available, Mertz selected just a handful with the best fit for IDC.

The result is rejuvenated entrepreneurs with great opportunity for growth.

Mertz’s value add
Mertz listened to the owners’ desires. With our vast knowledge of the market and experience navigating the options within it, Mertz hand selected the best matches and developed the best options for IDC. The owners were able to maintain confidentiality while satisfying their objectives.