Dickten & Masch Mfg. Co.Dickten & Masch Mfg. Co.

Quickly implementing a marketing program, while protecting confidentiality and developing competition …

“We couldn’t have done it without Mertz’s involvement. They guided us through the process and played a critical role in negotiations when concerns arose.”

– John Onzik, President and former shareholder of Dickten & Masch

”The combination of the firms is a classic win-win scenario. Mertz helped guide the sellers throughout the process.”

– Bruce Betters, Vice President of Corporate Development, Everett Smith Group, Ltd.

Two shareholders of Dickten & Masch Mfg. Co. held controlling interest. One shareholder had been phasing out of active management and the other was not active in the business. Both desired liquidity. In addition, the shareholders did not want to commit to supporting the future growth capital needs of the company.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Prior to the sell engagement, the Dickten & Masch board of directors hired Mertz to provide an overview of its strategic options, including valuation scenarios, value drivers and buyer groups. The objective was to position the company for sale and monitor industry/company progress to determine the best time to sell.

Six months later, the shareholders decided to proceed with the sale process.

Mertz’s value add
Because of the review of strategic options, Mertz could rapidly implement a marketing program, while protecting confidentiality and developing competition.