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Expanding geographical presence and increasing business …

“Mertz did a great job evaluating the marketplace, in terms of engineering capabilities of the prospects and determining the geographical requirements. We would definitely work with them again on another search.”

– Howard Bornstein, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Foth & Van Dyke

“Daily had many shareholders and needed board approval even to begin the discussion process with Foth & Van Dyke. Mertz definitely helped facilitate the process between the two firms.”

– Woodrow Chenault Jr., President, Daily & Associates

Foth & Van Dyke provides consulting and engineering solutions to government, industrial and commercial clients. Part of its growth strategy included establishing a geographic presence in the greater Chicago area.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Mertz thoroughly investigated the prospects in a defined geographical area serving a targeted niche. Once initially contacted, Mertz brought a number of qualified prospective sellers to Foth & Van Dyke for preliminary conversations. Foth could evaluate and rank the best prospects.

Mertz’s value add
Mertz advised Foth & Van Dyke in designing the acquisition search program, developing a customized database, contacting potential sellers, obtaining and evaluating information from the prospects and in developing a framework for negotiating a satisfactory value and structure for the transaction.