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Finding strategic buyers for different types of companies ...

“Mertz did a great job at managing the overall process and identifying the best fits for each segment.”

– Terry Spandet, President, Daniel Woodhead Company

“Mertz worked closely with our investment banking firm to make the deal happen.”

– Donald Brown, President/CEO, Lista International Corporation

Woodhead Industries decided that several of Aero-Motive’s small product lines didn’t align strategically with its long-term goals. Woodhead continually reviews the strategic fit of its business units and product lines to maximize future growth and profitability.

Scope of Mertz’s role
Mertz began by analyzing the various product lines of Aero-Motive and preparing separate offering materials that described the product, background information and valuation perspectives for each unit. Mertz helped Woodhead evaluate the various alternatives and best buyer prospects.

Mertz’s value add
As an intermediary, Mertz could be a neutral party to buyer prospects and help evaluate the best potential fit for the unit.